My Philosophy

Happy Birth Day is a forever evolving project of mine that is aimed at providing various services to expectant women and their birth partners. My motivation for Childbirth Education is based on empowerment. I am a Registered Nurse and currently studying a Bachelor of Midwifery to also incorporate within my services.

To educate someone is to empower them and I believe that is one of the most ‘powerful’ things you can do. My aim is to help you gain control of your birth and embrace any turn it may take. Birth partners are also encouraged to be heavily involved in the experience. I am extremely passionate about the thought that as a whole, we can change the way birth is perceived and also feared by many people.

Fear is something that is extremely debilitating not only to the body but also the mind- The Hypnobirthing Australia™ Course that is offered through Happy Birth Day, focusses on many aspects of birth, taking a deeper look into the fears associated with birth. Delving into these topics alters any negative preconceived ideas one may have, therefore taking the fear out of the equation. -Hello empowerment! 

It is such a fantastic feeling when I see people understanding exactly why the course works. The information and resources offered throughout the course makes a phenomenal difference to someone’s overall experience of their pregnancy and birth.

Rachel Slatter BNg, RN, HPCE.
Director of Happy Birth Day

My Training
& Qualifications
Bachelor of Nursing

Flinders University 2018

Certified Hypnobirthing Practitioner

Hypnobirthing Australia 2017

Certified Childbirth Educator

Hypnobirthing Australia 2017