Below are a handful of reviews from couples who attended the Happy Birth Day Hypnobirthing AustraliaTM Positive Birth Program.

Heading into the late stages of the second-trimester I was feeling anxious & overwhelmed towards pregnancy, birth & beyond resulting from a lot of ‘horror’ stories being constantly thrown in my direction.

My husband & I asked Rachel to guide us through the Hypnobirthing Australia course and things dramatically changed as soon as our first class was completed. Rachel replaced my anxiety with knowledge and confidence and I found my feelings of being overwhelmed very soon turned to excitement in meeting our baby and the next stage of life my husband and I were about to embark on together.

Hypnobirthing also changed my husband’s perception of being a bystander in the entire process to being the one person I couldn’t do without.  

As a nurse, Rachel is extremely knowledgeable and went out of her way to thoroughly answer all of our questions while making the process entertaining with her fantastically witty sense of humour and practicality.

I very highly recommend this course and particularly Rachel as a teacher whom I cannot thank enough – it’s life changing stuff!

- Julia

What an incredible experience! I couldn’t recommend this course highly enough! Rachel made it such a personal experience for my partner and I; her wealth of knowledge has not only bought immense ease to our pregnancy as first time parents, but also taught us to trust the human body & just what it is capable of. Definitely feeling as prepared as we could be for our newest adventure. Thanks again Rachel, we are beyond excited to put it all into practise & meet our baby!

- Maddy

"I couldn’t recommend this anymore!! I was scared and nervous but after attending Rachel’s classes I’m feeling much more confident for birth now!"

- Molly

"We did Hypnobirthing with Rachel leading up to the birth of our son Hugo. Rachel is a calm, down to earth and easy going teacher who is very knowledgeable when it comes to birth, the lead up to and the medical profession in general. We would really look forward to each class. I spent the last few weeks before he was born meditating and truly taking the time out to enjoy my pregnancy. 

It sounds cliche but expect the unexpected when it comes to the birth. The way I have described it to friends and family is like Alice going down the rabbit hole.  We truly believe if we didn't have our Hypnobirthing techniques in our back pocket it would have been a traumatic experience. I was induced, had an episiotomy and our son had shoulder dystocia on the way out. None of that is what we were planning for (certainly not the latter) however we approached each fork in the road calmly and made our decisions as they came up. Considering the labour and birth I wouldn't even say I had a recovery time. In the day or two after I felt a little pressure around my episiotomy wound but certainly no pain. I couldn't believe it!


Thank you Rachel, you made something that could have easily been traumatic much easier to cope with." 

- Nina, Andy & Hugo

I first contacted Rach to find out a little more about Hypnobirthing, as my friends had highly recommended it for myself and my overthinking husband. He was very naive and needed to be reassured that the whole experience will be OK, and so did I! I mean we had never done this before!

Rach made us both feel at ease and excited about the experience and the most amazing reward at the end. She made us feel confident and prepared.

We laughed and laughed during the course, but Rach made us feel like no questions were too silly.

Her knowledge of the industry and calmness were the perfect combination for a Hypnobirthing Educator.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who is about to embark on the pregnancy and birthing journey as it reminded us to breathe and let the human body do its amazing thing!

- Bonnie

The news that Nicholas and I were going to have a baby, was one that was met with great excitement and like many new parents, great fear of the unknown.

What made hearing this news extra special was calling my best friend Rachel and telling her that Nicholas and I wanted her to share this journey with us as our Hypnobirthing coach, and ofcourse future Zia to our baby boy.

As my belly grew bigger and bigger, strangers friends and loved ones often reminded me of how scared I MUST be to be giving birth. However, with each class and each session with Rachel even I surprised myself with just how confident I was in my ability to accept the challenge that my body and soul was about to embark on and this is all credit to her.

Being heavily pregnant during a pandemic and preparing for birth knowing I could only have one person (my partner) as a support person, was initially quite confronting. However, with the help of Rachel my partner Nicholas more than rose to the challenge.

In anticipation for birth, hearing Nicholas speak with his friends about what he had learned in class and listening to him speak with such confidence and excitement for the big day, filled me with so much pride.

In fact, in the moment right before I began bearing down and breathing our boy into the world, having Nicholas pull out his hypnobirthing notes and once again declare my birthing wishes to the doctors, brought tears to my eyes and made me fall in love with him all over again. He listened, he was on my team, and I could do this.

In the end, our Stelios experienced some complications with his lungs, completely unrelated to birth. As scary as this time was, what comforted me was knowing my body did exactly what it was supposed to do and there was nothing I could have done differently to change the outcome. Comfort I wouldn’t have had without all the knowledge of birth that I gained during our classes.

After two weeks our man made a full recovery and at 8 weeks on my hypnobirthing playlist still settles my boy straight to sleep and calms him beyond belief. Turns out he was listening too

I can’t wait to do it all over again.

- Stephanie

I always knew I wanted to learn about hypnobirthing with Rachel, she has such a warm and kind presence, and with her experience she was the perfect teacher.

We started our course in the 2nd trimester and it changed both of our ideas of birth. Initially I was fearful of birth, but Rach gave us confidence and by the end of the course couldn’t wait to give birth!

The hypnobirthing course gives you the tools to birth your way, and further educates you on understanding your own body during birth.

Hypnobirthing helped me through the hardest parts of birth, and my partner knew how to help, he helped with techniques and decision making when needed.

We would both recommend Rachel any day.

- Elicia & Mike